One thing I do really poorly is the hamster wheel. Doing the same things again and again. Day in and day out, never really getting anywhere. I’ve seen it time and time again throughout my life. The moment I start running around that wheel, I wind up being stuck in it, and if I don’t jump back off, it kills my motivation, my enthusiasm, and my joy, slowly but surely.

But I am not alone. Many are stuck in their lives, even though they really would rather be doing something else. They (often) do things that are not good for them, they stay where they shouldn’t be, while they keep themselves running along in the hamster wheel, just to maintain their security and comfort... and they often don’t know they are doing it, because it’s what feels normal.

Only very few people jump off the hamster wheel before it’s too late. Here are five things you should stop in order to be more successful:

Stop giving up
Who really sold you on the concept that life should be easy? The people who achieved many of the things they wanted in life, stayed with it until they succeeded. Yes. It is not always easy, fun or convenient, but it is a necessity if you want to succeed, so ... stop giving up. Get involved 100% in what you want and remind yourself why you started, if you experience setbacks along the way.

Stop saying: "I’ll do it tomorrow"
You already know that putting things off and procrastinating does not make things easier, so... stop it! You postpone your dreams and goals, because you are afraid to fail, or because you are going after something that deep down really holds no value for you. It doesn’t change by you putting it off until tomorrow. Do what needs to be done today, and stop telling yourself that you can do it tomorrow.

Stop saying yes
I bet you’ve heard that every time you say yes to something, you are saying no to something else. When you say yes to junk food, you are saying no to eating healthy. When you say yes to watching yet another TV series, you are saying no to reading an inspiring book. When you say yes to helping others with their problems, you are saying no to prioritizing yourself and your problems. Of course it isn’t always that cut and dried, but I’m sure you know where I’m going, so... stop saying yes to people, activities, and things that aren’t good for you. It doesn’t get you where you want to go.

Stop being a victim
Many people tell me that they do some things they don’t want to do, or that they have to make certain choices because they have no other options. Yes. You ALWAYS have a choice. That’s what separates you from the animals. You are not ruled by your instincts or your genetic coding the way they are. Yes. There are consequences to making a choice. Yes. It requires you to step off the hamster wheel and accept that other people (may) start frowning on you for not doing like “everybody else”. If you are at a place in your life that’s not a good place for you to be, it’s time to let the victim role go, step into character, take responsibility and get out... even though in the beginning it may seem neither easy nor fun.

Stop avoiding things
We all have things we don’t feel like doing, but they don’t take care of themselves if you don’t do anything about them. A number of years ago, I spoke with a marathon runner who always managed to get in all her required training. When I asked her what she did to keep up her motivation and enthusiasm, so she would train, I was amazed at her answer: "I’m not always motivated, and I don’t always have enthusiasm when I start training. I do it because that’s what it takes to complete my marathon.”

If you want to reach your dreams and goals, it’s not enough to pick and choose the parts that are fun and entertaining, while leaving the rest to lay around making a big clutter. This will not make you reach your dreams and goals. Yes. Some things will bore you. Thing that challenge or even frighten you along the way, but these are all parts of the complete package, so... stop avoiding it. It is part of the journey toward your goal. Get up, step into character, and get it done.

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