Do you feel stuck, insecure, or even paralyzed, when you need to commit to going after your goals and dreams, then here is your recipe for going forward.

Last week, I held a training for a customer in Copenhagen. For two days, the focus was on the dreams and goals of the participants. The common denominator for most of the participants was the fact that they really knew perfectly well what they wanted, but when it came to living out their dreams and goals, “something” would go wrong.

What often happens, when a person is about to make a commitment, is that their focus shifts. It moves from what they would like to achieve (the goal) to the price, they have to “pay” in order to achieve the dream or the goal.

Yes. There is a price to pay every time you pursue your dreams and goals. When you choose to achieve new results in your life, there is something else, you will have to not choose. If, for example, you would like to get better at setting limits with your colleagues, it may not feel comfortable at first. Here you are choosing to set limits, while you temporarily have to give up the security of doing what’s familiar.

Choosing to do something, and choosing not to do something, is really very simple, but what happens inside people’s heads, when they are about to make a commitment, so they can achieve their dreams and goals, is something altogether different.

Most people are amazing at focusing on all the things that can go wrong. All the things that might not work out, and the resistance that may come from their surroundings along the way.

The problem is that your brain doesn’t care what your focus is. If you focus on everything that can go wrong, it will begin to give you examples of things that have already gone wrong, or things that might go wrong. This will give you an “Oh, no!” feeling that makes you feel stuck and insecure, or even paralyzed.

If you focus on the things you want to achieve, be, or become, after making your dream a reality, your brain will find examples of things that have already gone well for you. This will give you a “yay!” feeling that makes you feel enthusiastic, motivated, and happy.

Your choice...

In order to make a commitment that works, you therefore have to start by focusing (and keeping your focus) on your goals and dreams – regardless what the people around you say and think about them. It works, and it works EVERY TIME!

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