When you apologize, it is often because you are much too worried about what other people think. It may also be because you need to explain why you do what you do, because you know from experience that it may be appropriate for the expectations others have for you or for your particular situation.

There is nothing wrong with apologizing to others, but there are certain situations where apologizing for what you are doing is unnecessary. Here are five things you shouldn’t apologize for:

1. You should never apologize for being who you are
All human beings are valuable, and just because the people around you can’t see your particular value, it doesn’t mean it’s not there. You are who you are and when you discover that you are okay the way you are, you never have to apologize for being who you are again.

2. You never have to apologize for saying no
Respecting your own boundaries is a sign of self-respect. Sure, there may be differences between what you feel like doing and what others think you should do. When you listen to yourself more than you listen to others, you will discover that saying no to others often means saying yes to yourself. For this reason, you should never apologize when saying no to other people.

3. Don’t apologize for your priorities
When you start by making yourself, your dreams, and your goals a priority, you will discover that it gives you more surplus energy. Unfortunately, we live in a country where making yourself a priority is often misunderstood and ranked alongside being selfish. The truth is, however, that being there for others requires energy. The easiest way to get that energy is by doing some of the things you love to do. Therefore, you shouldn’t apologize for your priorities, no matter what others think about them.

4. You don’t need to apologize for following your dreams
All people have dreams. The only question is whether we dare follow them or not. If you have spoken with people who are good at fulfilling their dreams, you have probably discovered that they are often happier and more positive than most others. Following your dreams requires courage, self-discipline, and tenacity. Three things that most people avoid because the fear of failing is greater than the desire to succeed. In other words, when you follow your dreams you are a unique individual, because you are doing what only very few are able to do. Because of that, you shouldn’t apologize for following your dreams.

5. You don’t have to apologize for the choices you make
Every day, you make a number of new choices and decisions. Since you are the only one who knows your own inner attitudes, dreams, goals, wishes, and potential, it may seem strange or even impulsive to others, when you make a choice. However, other people are not you, and because of that they may not understand what you do... nor do they need to. You have to live your life, while they have to live theirs. That’s why you don’t need to apologize for the choices you make.

Do you agree – or what do you think?

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