I have talked to, studied, and learned from many successful people over the past 18 years. I have trained, taught, and helped thousands of people achieve what they want, just as I myself have reached a great many goals I set for myself throughout my life.

The many thousands of hours of experience have caused me to find similarities between the people who don’t success – and between those who achieve all the things they want. Here are my seven best tips for how to achieve all the things you want:

01. Figure out what you want
Yes. This is a classic, much too often forgotten by a lot of people. Make sure you know precisely what you want to achieve. Make it so specific that neither you nor others have any doubt about what you want. That way you’ll be off to a good start!

02. Promise yourself that you will do it 100% (and keep your promise)
The majority of people who DON’T achieve what they want make a plan of what to do to succeed... and then they don’t stick to their plan. It’s okay to skip when it becomes too boring, hard, tedious, or if it takes longer than you have the patience for – But not if you want to achieve what you set out to do. Promise yourself you’ll go all in. Do it 100% and do what you promise yourself you will do.

03. Take control of your actions, thoughts, feelings and beliefs
For most of us it takes some learning, training, and practice to become more self-aware about what goes on between our ears. If your actions, thoughts, feelings, or beliefs keep you from doing what you need to do to achieve the things you want, then it’s time to take control of them. Once you become more self-aware and change those things that (maybe) are holding you back, you’ll be much closer to achieving what you want.

04. Talk to those who have created their own results
None of us know everything. Because of this, we will gain new insights, new knowledge, and perhaps new tools as well along the way. Far too many people, however, will tell you that they have some sort of expertise they would like to sell you or give you, but... be careful. If they haven’t actually done it themselves, I would be careful about following their advice. Instead, talk to those who have done what you are looking to do. That way you will save yourself a lot of time and trouble.

05. Do what needs to be done before you have fun
It’s not rocket science, but the majority of people who achieve the things they want, always do their work before throwing themselves into their entertainment. I have personally sat across from hundreds of individuals who didn’t think they had time to work on their dreams and goals because there were too few hours in the day. Once they create a schedule of how they use their time, they discover how important it is to do what it takes before they have all their fun, at least if they want to succeed!

06. Depend on yourself more than you depend on others
There is obviously a difference between achieving your dreams and goals alone and doing it with the involvement of other people, but... regardless who you involve, make sure you are the one to make things happen. YOU must have your finger on the pulse and follow up so things don’t come to a standstill. You are the one whose fire is burning, and it probably isn’t burning as brightly in other people as it is in you. Therefore, you need to make sure that you depend on yourself more than you depend on others.

07. Make the journey fun and be passionate about it
Achieving what you want isn’t always a walk in the park. There are good times, just as there are times where you consider whether it is even worth it all. Therefore, make sure that what you want is something you REALLY want, so you don’t fall into the temptation of doing what everyone else does. Because that might not be what YOU really want. The more passionate you are about what you want, the more fun the journey, and the more you will feel like learning along the way.

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