Over the years, philosophers, linguists and other folks have told us, how essential our words are for the way we think. With a single word, you can create joy, excitement and happiness, but you can also create irritation, conflicts or limitations. Here are 10 words that restrict you:

01. Trying
02. If
03. Hope
04. Not
05. Maybe
06. Probably
07. Considering
08. Attempting
09. Think
10. Impossible

Try reading this sentence: "If you are considering doing what might cause you to succeed, in all likelihood you won’t try." Then read this sentence: "I'm trying to see, if there is anything I can do, and if it works, that's great, but otherwise, there's probably nothing I can do."

Do you see what I mean?

In all the years, I have been helping people achieve their dreams and goals, I've heard these words countless times. In the beginning, mostly from myself, and over the years from several thousands of people. People place limits on themselves because they make attempts, and they try to go after their goals. They contemplate getting started, they think that it might be possible... and yet many don’t understand why they don’t succeed!

When using these 10 words, you are sending your brain a command about which direction it should move, and as you probably already noticed, there is not much responsibility or commitment in saying these words. You don’t commit yourself. Neither to yourself nor to others. Instead you are sending your brain (which is listening in) a message to open those compartments of your mind that give you a feeling of trying rather than doing. You consider instead of deciding. You try instead of doing.

In order to influence yourself from the inside, change the 10 words, so you commit, see opportunities and goes after what you want. One way you can do that, is like this:

01. Instead of saying, "I'm trying," say "I’m going to do it!"
02. Instead of saying, "If I can," change it to "When I can."
03. Instead of saying, "I hope to succeed," say "I will succeed!"
04. Instead of saying, "It can’t be done," say, "I’ll find a way to do it."
05. Instead of saying, "Maybe it's possible," change it to "It’s possible!"
06. Instead of saying, "I’ll probably do it," tell yourself, "I'll do it!"
07. Instead of saying, "I will consider it," change it to "I’ll do it"
08. Instead of saying, "I’ll attempt it," say, "I’ll do it"
09. Instead of saying, "I think I’ll succeed," say, "I’m going to succeed"
10. Instead of saying, "It's impossible," tell yourself, "Of course it's possible."

When you do this, you open up the compartments of your mind that start to look for opportunity. Those that give you a feeling of determination, courage and responsibility. The words you choose ultimately determine, whether you do what it takes to succeed, or if you just hope, consider and try.

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