A large part of my work creating changes, impact and breakthroughs for my clients is about decoding the mental strategies that are making them self-sabotage, so we can then replace them with a new strategy that works.

In connection with a modeling project created by one of my course participants two years ago, I was made aware of one simple mental strategy used by millions of people. A strategy that keeps them from living their dreams and goals.

Regardless if you’re dreaming about things like:

- More money
- Impact
- More exercise
- Greater entrepreneurial success
- Lasting weight loss

...you are using this strategy. If you have yet to see a breakthrough and get the results you dream about, I’ll give you the strategy here:

- You make a decision to reach your goal
- You start working on reaching your goal
- You come up against resistance (resistance from within yourself or from others)
- You decide to throw in the towel

... thereby NOT getting what you want.

Therefore, the question is this: Will you break out of your own subconscious self-sabotage, so you can experience a breakthrough... and live your dream, or will you keep doing what you are doing?

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