If you think successful people are lucky, or that they are all born with a silver spoon in their mouths, you are wrong. Most successful people have struggled with many of the same problems and challenges you are. Instead of giving up, however, they have succeeded in finding motivation and keep it every day, so they can go after their dreams and goals.

Instead of focusing only on their actions, they know that what they think is critical to whether or not they succeed. Here are six things successful people do to keep motivated when they are challenged in life.

1. They believe that they will get through the challenges in their life
We are all challenged in life. Successful people expect to be challenged sooner or later, as they work toward their goals. They know that the challenges they meet along the way are part of the journey, so they meet them with their heads held high.

2. The pain of failure is greater than the challenge of self-discipline
While many people struggle to become more self-disciplined, a lot of successful people don’t focus on whether or not they have self-discipline. Instead they focus on how big a failure it would be for them to give up and what others will think about them if they fail. This creates a motivation so great that it feels easier to discipline oneself than to give up.

3. They remind themselves that they have had successful days
Everyone has good days, and everyone has days that are not as good – even people who achieve success. The problem for a lot of people is the fact that they are much too good to focus on the bad days. Successful people know that they have had successful days. They focus on them, they water them, fertilize them and nourish them, so the good days are the ones that take up more space.

4. They are inspired by others
Adversity is demotivating for most people. Instead of letting adversity get them down, successful people make sure they are inspired, so they can keep the standard high in those times when everything doesn’t go their way. They do this by reading books, listening to sound files, attending presentations, courses, or trainings where they learn how other successful people create their successes.

5. They keep learning new things
You can’t know everything, but if something is keeping you from achieving the things you want, it’s time to learn how to move on so you can achieve them. Successful people know this, and they are not afraid to spend the time it takes to learn what brings them closer to their dreams and goals.

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