Very early on in your upbringing, your parents were probably already telling you, that you might want to always have a plan B, in case it turns out you can’t get what you want.

In school, they might have told you that it was a good idea to apply to more than one course of study, in case you didn’t get into the course of study you wanted... and even birthdays and Christmas taught you to make a list over things you wanted in case it wasn’t possible to get the thing you wanted most of all.

The purpose of this was probably to prepare you for life. To help you avoid disappointment and failure, and to help you understand that you can’t always get what you want. The problem with it is that it’s an incredibly bad strategy that doesn’t work if you want to reach one of your dreams or a goal.

When you don’t have a plan B ready, it becomes easier to focus on your goal. This is because it takes time and a dedicated effort for you to succeed. Without a plan B, you have no other alternative to become a distraction. Therefore, it’s easier for you to figure out how to use your time and resources.

A plan B removes the focus from what you really want, while always giving you a backup plan, so you know what to do if it turns out that things are a little too hard, risky, dangerous, or boring to go after your dream or goal. That way you are already programming yourself from the very beginning to settle for second-best, even though you know it’s not what you want.

If you make plans B, C, D, E, etc., it’s because from the very beginning you already think your plan will fail. Make one plan and stick to it. Many start to change their goal if they can see they may not reach it (or if they meet resistance). This is a mistake caused by the decision to reach the goal not being strong enough, or they need to turn up the action, so they’ll reach the goal after all.

People who succeed in reaching their dreams and goals know that they shouldn’t have a plan B ready. There focus is on one thing: on what they want. When they do it, and they do it 100%, their dreams and goals won’t just be wishful thinking. They will be a mission. A mission they throw themselves into completing with a razor-sharp focus, because they only allow themselves one result: Succeeding!

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