Although a lot of people don’t like to make mistakes, mistakes are often the best way to learn. Mistakes give us experience we can use later in life. The things you are good at, you have learned so well by making many big or small mistakes along the way.

Only question is whether you remember, or if you’ve clear forgotten that the road to success is paved with mistakes.

Here are 10 reasons why you should make at least one mistake a day:

1. You discover that failing isn’t as bad as you might think
The things you imagine in your head are often much worse than when you try things in real life. The same is true when it comes to mistakes. It’s not as bad to make one as you might be thinking.

2. You gain new experience
To discover what works for you, you have to discover what doesn’t work for you. The experiences you gain stay in your subconscious. Experience you can use later in life, which will make it easier for you to figure out what you must do to get the things you want.

3. You stretch your comfort zone
Your comfort zone is where you are right now. That place where you feel safe. Unfortunately, your safe feeling is also the reason why you don’t always get the things done you want to do. It is like an invisible wall, keeping you stuck in the familiar. When you make one mistake a day, your comfort zone will start to expand. You will start to feel safe about making mistakes, thus becoming more open to trying things out, which at first glance can seem impossible, overwhelming, or even dangerous.

4. You get closer to your dreams and goals
The road to your dreams and goals are also paved with things you’ve never done before. You get those new experiences when you start making mistakes. When you do this, you expand your comfort zone, thereby bringing you closer your dreams and goals.

5. You become stronger
You’ve probably hear it said: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Each mistake not only gives you new experience, it also makes you stronger. The stronger you are, the more you will believe that you can succeed in attaining the things you want. When that happens, succeeding becomes easier.

6. You let go of your perfectionism
Most perfectionists are afraid of what others might think about them, if their homes, work, children, etc. don’t live up to the high standards they set for themselves. Unfortunately, this means that many perfectionists dare not fail, which is why they spend hours upon hours on tasks that deep inside they don’t feel like doing. The more mistakes you make, the easier it will be for you to let your perfectionist tendencies go, so you’ll no longer spend time doing the things you think you should be doing. Instead, you’ll have more freedom and time for everything you’re dreaming about in your heart of hearts.

7. You create a future that’s different from your past
Many people keep making the same mistakes again and again, simply because they don’t make enough mistakes they can learn from. When you make mistakes, you discover that you can do things differently than the way you are doing them now. You can create new results and gain new experience to help you avoid repeating the same mistakes and choices you made earlier in your life.

8. You become a positive role model for others
Regardless if we’re talking about children, teens, or the rest of us, we each pick our role models based on what we, ourselves, want to do, be, or achieve. You rarely see someone choose a role model who fears doing something new, or who might even be stuck in the same place in life where they were 20 years ago. A good role model is a person who dares challenge him- or herself and the world in which we live. When you do this, many will start to look up to you.

9. You learn to control your fear
If we get down to brass tacks, the reason most people have fears is that they are afraid of what others think about them. When you dare make mistakes, you discover that it’s not so important what other people think about you after all, and when that happens, you are suddenly in control of your fear, rather than your fear controlling you.

10. You are always improving yourself
Life is a journey, throughout which you can always improve yourself and your abilities by learning new things. This doesn’t happen, however, without making a mistake or two or two hundred along the way. Successful people often make a great many mistakes, because they know that’s what it takes for them to be able to get better results than the ones they are getting now.

Do you agree, or...?

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